Steam Vacuums - Duplex

DUPLEX PRICES FROM: 750 +VAT - many other models available

Some popular examples below please contact us for help and a quote on all Duplex steam cleaning models.

Jet Vac Major - Specifications
Stainless steel boiler 4 litres
Water reserve tank 10 litres
Detergent tank 10 litres
Operating pressure 5 bar
Steam temperature 150/160˚C
Power supply 230V  50Hz
Boiler output 3000 W - 230v
Vacuum drum capacity 14 litres
Vacuum output 1200 W
Air flow 170 m/h
Depression 2200mm
Power cord 5m
Steam regulator  
Hand controls 12v  
Green light ready steam indicator
Red light low water indicator
Audible alarm  

Duplex Jetvac
Duplex - Jet Steam, Jet Steam 2000
and Jet Steam Professional.
Jet Steam Pro - Specifications
Power supply 240v
Boiler output 2250w
Operating pressure 4 bar
Weight 7 kg
Boiler volume 1.8 litres
Water reserve tank 3 litres
Stainless steel boiler 3 year warranty
Temperature 153˚C
Duplex Jetvac Pro