Unique Karcher Dry Ice Blaster

karcher ice blaster

karcher ice blaster 15/120A new way of cleaning which effortlessly removes stubborn dirt, oils, paints, graffiti and rubber residues.

Because the Ice Blaster simply uses compressed air and dry ice pellets - NO abrasive residues are left behind, and no excessive amounts of water are used.

So no waste to dispose of - after blasting the ice pellets simply dissolve completely into carbon dioxide.

The potential to reduce costs and downtime is huge -

  • no waste disposal of abrasives or chemicals
  • no 'cleaning after cleaning' to remove sand or other abrasive media
  • items to be cleaned do not need to be disassembled
  • no waste water

The Ice Blaster can be used in areas where cleaning with water, sand or chemicals is legally prohibited or impractical such as internal areas.


  • Local authorities - graffiti and chewing gum removal
  • Injection moulding, automotive and foundry - removal of silicone, rubber, paints and lacquers
  • Printing - removal ink and rubber residues, machines look like new
  • Timber and electrical - cleaning woodworking machinery, generators, turbines and switchgear
  • Food and pharmaceutical - ideal for removal of coking, burnt in deposits, fat and starch from production lines, tanks and furnaces
  • Steel, metal and machine construction - clean production machines, welding robots, conveyor belts and paint shops.

karcher ice blaster