Professional Stationary Cold Pressure Washers - Nilfisk Alto - Uno Booster

Nilfisk Alto - Uno Booster

1 pump stationary cold water high pressure washers for medium to heavy cleaning Single pump stationary cold water unit for medium and heavy cleaning applications in agriculture, milking sheds, industry, food industry and shipping.

The UNO BOOSTER is a flexible model for heavy cleaning applications. The stainless steel design ensure that hygiene is optimal, with no risk of corrosion. The product is thus suited also for food industry.

The UNO BOOSTER can be equipped with a PCB - extended electronics allowing the use of factory mounted options such as remote control, coin boxes, frost protection. The UNO BOOSTER can thus be adapted to most customer specific requirements.


  • Stainless steel design for added hygiene and protection against corrosion
  • High level of serviceability
  • 70C inlet water temp
  • Water break tank
  • Heavy duty C3 pump for long working life


Technical specifications