Stationary Cold Water High-Pressure Cleaners - Karcher

Stationary Cold Water High-Pressure Cleaners - Karcher
A range of compact stationary cold water high-pressure cleaners for single lance operation with a maximum of 6
take-off points. These units can also be used with hot water from a suitable source up to a temperature of 80șC.

To meet the 80șC you can use the HWE 860 (optional accessory) which is a stand alone fast heating chamber
that can supply these stationary units, and comes complete with a safety thermostat and low water cut-out, ideal
for use in areas where oil or gas fired units are not permissible.

These units are ideal for cleaning to exceptional
high standards on a regular basis.


  • In-built pressure pump for operation with water up to 80șC.
  •  Stainless steel float tank for uniform water feed and reliable isolation from water mains.
  •  Pulsation damper avoids surges in high-pressure in the stationary pipework system.
  •  Air-cooled meter drives pump equipped with stainless-steel pistons and ceramic sleeves.

Technical Data        HD 6/16-4 ST-H HD 9/16-4 ST-H
Power supply (~/V/Hz) 3/420/50 3/420/50
Water flow rate (l/h) 380-650 550-900
Pressure (mbar/MPa) 30-160/3-16 30-160/3-16
Max. water feed temp (°C) 80 80
Connected load (kW) 3.8 5.7
Weight (kg) 80 85
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 700 x 600 x 470 700 x 600 x 470